The Essential Guide to a Profitable and Impactful Business

This guide has been written for coaches, consultants and experts who want to make a positive impact through a business that is bigger than themselves.

This guide will help you build a business that has a positive impact on:

  • You - as the business owner - on your health, wealth and family.

  • Your team - their growth, your culture and their lives outside of work.

  • Others - your clients, community and the wider world if that is important to you.

About The Author

Nicola Deverson, our managing director, is the author of this guide. As a chartered accountant and accredited coach, who believes that small businesses can have a positive impact on the lives of others, she is the driving force behind our vision.

Having worked with owners of small businesses for over 30 years, and founded two businesses of her own, she understands the challenges business owners face. The heartache that owners feel when the business is struggling and the impact that can have on their health and relationships.

We are committed to changing this by helping businesses become financially strong, with clear direction and great teams, so they can make a greater positive impact on the lives of the owners, their teams and their clients.

About Envision Partnership Ltd

We are an accounting firm based in the heart of Kent providing accounting, taxation and advisory services to clients throughout the country. We can help you build a profitable and impactful business that is sustainable and provides you with financial, mind and time freedom.

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